Our latest course addition

NWPNET015 - Perform Leak Detection

NWPNET016 - Inspect Sewer or Stormwater Line

NWPNET017 - Supervise and Report on Conduit Inspections

"In line with our move to bring a serious waste water maintenance focus to our training we have just added "CCTV Conduit Inspection and Reporting" to our list of training courses."

Most Water Utilities and Local Councils have stipulated that all CCTV conduit inspections and reports must be performed by qualified CCTV operators who are conversant with WSA 05 Conduit Inspection Codes.  Asset Training has seized on an opportunity to provide a superior training program including not only the NWPNET016 unit of competence for conduit inspection but have included both the Supervise and Report on Conduit Inspection and the Perform Leak Detection units of competence to provide a complete, well rounded CCTV training program for sewer and stormwater. As far as Asset Training is aware, no one else is providing this as a total training package to CCTV inspection providers.

It is our belief that this training is also necessary to accurately interpret conduit inspection reports. Water Utilities, Pipeline Construction and Engineering companies and Local Councils could greatly benefit by allowing Asset Training to train their personnel who are evaluating and recommending maintenance or construction action on their water pipeline assets. 

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