Work, Health and Safety

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Authorised by:
Wayne Tonner - Chief Executive Officer
Last Reviewed:
April 10, 2018

Policy Statement

Asset Training is committed to creating and maintaining an environment to ensure a safe and healthy workplace is provided for all employees, students and visitors. Continuously improving our WHS Management System and performance provides benefits to all by minimising the risk of injuries and illnesses.


Training Environment

Asset Training staff must be aware of what their responsibilities are under the law and under the organisation’s policies and procedures. Management has a responsibility to ensure that staff are aware of, understand and abide by WHS legislation. Trainers/Assessors must identify any WHS hazards in the training environment prior to commencing any training and should automatically conduct risk assessments in the workplace before commencing. Hazards identified require the risk to be eliminated or reduced to an acceptable level and must be done before training commences. The risk assessment must be carried out in a timely way, ensuring sufficient time for remedial action. Students should be advised of WHS issues at the commencement of training and reminders should be given at appropriate times over the duration of the training. If particular activities involved special WHS advice, then students should be briefed before that activity commences.

Risk Assessment

The trainer should:

  • Visit the learning environment/workplace.
  • Be aware of the WHS procedures in place.
  • Identify any areas for improvement that need to be addressed for a safe training/learning environment.
  • Assess any potential hazard.

Hazard Matrix

Once a hazard has been identified, it is necessary to determine any immediate or potential impacts on the health and safety of the clients. Each hazard should be evaluated for two factors:

  • The likelihood or probability of injury or damage.
  • How serious the injury or damage may be.

If the trainer is in an unfamiliar environment or is uncertain then it is prudent to ask for assistance.

Reporting Requirements

All incidents must be recorded and reported. A record of incidents and accidents is imperative to enable evaluation of the frequency and seriousness of any hazards. It is also enables evaluation of whether the risk controls are functioning appropriately.

Duty of Care

Asset Training staff have a moral obligation not only to take care of themselves, but to be responsible for the safety of others as well. Staff have a duty to anticipate possible causes of injury or illness and do everything reasonably practical to remove or minimise those causes. To ensure duty of care is maintained, Asset Training must provide:

  • A safe working environment.
  • A safe training and assessment environment.
  • Safe work systems.
  • Safe plant and equipment.


It shall be the responsibility of the Chief Executive Officer to ensure that the requirements of this policy are complied with. The CEO is to ensure this policy continues to comply with relevant state or federal legislation and shall review this policy on a regular basis.