Staff Recruitment & Development

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Authorised by:
Wayne Tonner - Chief Executive Officer
Last Reviewed:
April 10, 2018

Policy Statement

Asset Training Trainers/Assessors should have the vocational competence to ensure operational performance requirements can be met and will be required to undertake professional development to ensure continued competence.


All Trainers/Assessors employed or contracted by Asset Training must hold the minimum qualification requirements set out in the training packages or accredited course that they are engaged to teach. These qualifications must be verified, and competence confirmed prior to appointment.

All staff recruitment, selection and induction processes are to be apparent, promote equity practices and demonstrate the company’s commitment to the provision of current and relevant education services.

Qualification Requirements

All Trainer/Assessors are required to hold a teaching qualification or at a minimum trainer and assessor qualifications. In addition, Trainer/Assessors are required to have demonstrated competence in the area they assess. This may be demonstrated by equivalence where a qualification similar to the one being taught is held, or to a higher level.


On appointment, a file is raised for each new staff member that contains all correspondence, the member’s curriculum vitae, certified copies of the member’s qualifications and any other relevant material including record of interview. Access to these files is limited to the appropriate Manager.

Professional Development

On commencement of employment or contract, each member of staff at Asset Training is encouraged to pursue professional development activities outside the organisation and to participate in internal activities.


It shall be the responsibility of the Chief Executive Officer to ensure that the requirements of this policy are complied with. This policy shall be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that it continues to comply with relevant state or federal legislation or regulation.