Credit Transfer

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Wayne Tonner
Last Reviewed:
April 10, 2018

Policy Statement

It is the policy of Asset Training that learners must not be required to repeat any unit or module in which they have already been assessed as competent (unless required by regulation or licensing).

Where a learner provides suitable evidence of successful completion of a unit or module full credit will be supplied for that unit or module.



1.     Collect evidence from learner

2.     Identify organisation that issued unit of competency

3.    Contact organisation requesting written authentication of completed units of competency

4.     On receipt of authentication

       a.     Print received evidence and put in file

        b.     Inform trainer that evidence is authentic

5.     Should evidence be unable to be authenticated the learner will be contacted to source other evidence. Alternatively they may be required to complete the unit/module if authentication cannot be completed


It shall be the responsibility of the Chief Executive Officer to ensure that the requirements of this policy are met. The CEO is to ensure this policy continues to comply with relevant state or federal legislation and shall review this policy on a regular basis.