Continuous Improvement

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Authorised by:
Wayne Tonner - Chief Executive Officer
Last Reviewed:
April 10, 2018

Policy Statement

Asset Training is wholly committed to developing and maintaining a culture of Continuous Improvement across the scope of works.


Client Satisfaction Surveys

Every student has the right to provide feedback about the services provided by Asset Training. Our quality improvement system provides for identification of opportunities for improvement through the client satisfaction surveys.

Unsolicited Feedback

Any student or employee of the company has the right to provide unsolicited feedback on the courses or operations of the company.

Internal and External Audits

Internal and external audits are conducted to measure performance against internal and external standards.

Management Reviews

Management regularly reviews and refines activities through:

  • Monthly senior management meetings
  • Annual planning and budget setting
  • Individual executive goal setting.


Validation will be conducted to measure assessment practices and judgements

Involvement in Governance

Asset Training provides the opportunity for staff and students to have input into the operations of the company.

Access and equity

Asset Training is committed to adhering to the access and equity principles. (Reference Access and Equity Policy)


It shall be the responsibility of the Chief Executive Officer to ensure that the requirements of this policy are complied with. The CEO is to ensure this policy continues to comply with relevant state or federal legislation and shall review this policy on a regular basis.