Complaints and Appeals

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Wayne Tonner - Chief Executive Officer
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April 10, 2018

Policy Statement

This policy applies to complaints generated regarding Asset Training. A complaint may be about anything done, or not done, by management, personnel or other students, which the complainant feels has been unfair or unjust. A complaint may be lodged in person or by telephone, fax, electronically or by letter. A verbal complaint may subsequently need to be made in writing to enable a full investigation.


The following principles support the process for responding to complaints:

Principle 1 – Equitable:

Complaints are considered in a clear, objective and unbiased manner. The complaints-handling process incorporates the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness.

Principle 2 – Accessible:

Information about the complaints-handling process and the means to lodge a complaint is readily accessible and available.

Principle 3 – Comprehensive:

The relevant circumstances and information surrounding a complaint are investigated to the level warranted by the severity of the complaint.

Principle 4 – Responsive:

Timeframes for investigating and resolving complaints will be set and monitored.

Principle 5 – Accountable:

There is appropriate monitoring through regular reporting of complaints received and actions taken.

Principle 6 – Confidential:

Confidentiality is maintained and anonymity preserved. Complainants will be informed where this may limit the extent to which a complaint can be investigated.


All personnel will be equipped to respond to complaints constructively. The process for making a complaint is simple and usually involves:

  • Approach the person concerned - Make every attempt to solve the problem with the person involved.
  • Approach the Training Coordinator – They are responsible for investigating a complaint or appeal.
  • Recommending the appropriate response or action.
  • Talking to the General Manager of the RTO Designated Site - If you are unhappy with the response or action taken you should now direct your complaint or appeal to the Training Centre Manager. The Training Centre Manager will investigate the matter.
  • Writing a letter - Complaints must be received in writing for the matter to be completely investigated and responded to. {A verbal complaint may subsequently need to be made in writing to enable a full investigation}.
  • Providing feedback on an evaluation form.

The Training Coordinator response will include:

  • Informing the person about whom the complaint is made and seeking their views and perspective;
  • Giving consideration to the use of a mediator;
  • Informing the complainant/appellant of the outcome of the complaint in a timely manner.

Appeal Process

If a student making a complaint is unsatisfied with the response they may approach the National Training Complaints Hotline 13 38 73 (Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm nationally) or via email at skilling@education.gov.au. You can also register a complaint with ASQA via their online complaint form at https://rms.asqa.gov.au/registration/newcomplaint.aspx.


It shall be the responsibility of the CEO to ensure that the requirements of this policy are complied with. This policy shall be reviewed on a regular basis by the CEO to ensure that it continues to comply with relevant state or federal legislation or regulation.