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Course Description

Brief outline of training

This course is delivered in accordance with AS4233.1 2013 Part 1 High Pressure Water Jetting Systems Safe Operation and Maintenance and SafeWork NSW's Code of Practice – Guide for managing Risks from High Pressure Water Jetting.

The Australian Standards state that... All operators shall be appropriately trained and assessed as competent/capable for Class A pressure water jetting operations. Training specific to pressure water jetting operations shall include the following areas:

  1. Class A system operation, potential dangers, problems and emergency actions to be taken should the equipment fail or malfunction.
  2. Application of pressurised water including set up, barricading and operation.
  3. Device and emergency stop controls.
  4. Hose and equipment pre-start inspections. 
  5. Personal protective equipment.

Who should attend this course

Asset Training's Class A - High Pressure Water Jetting course is designed for users of class A pumps and all those requiring an overview of high pressure water jetting and its associated safe work practices.


Assessment will consist of a practical instruction, observation and assessment covering the use of equipment and a practical test in high pressure water blasting.

Important information

Class A HPWJ training does not provide a qualification for Class B HPWJ operation. The operation of Class B High Pressure Water Jetting Equipment requires nationally accredited for persons responsible for the safe operation of HPWJ pumps, equipment and personnel safety (SUPERVISORY).


USI Number

Photo ID

Long pants and long sleeve shirt

Steel cap boots

All safety and HPWJ course equipment is provided.


Chris McCarthy
RTO Manager
Shane McNamara
Trainer & Assessor
Todd Spencer
Trainer & Assessor

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