COVID-19 Safety Plan

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Wayne Tonner
Last Reviewed:
August 19, 2020


Well Being of Staff and Customers

EXCLUSION: Anyone feeling unwell will not be able to undertake training with Asset Training regardless of whether or not training is conducted in-house or onsite.

EDUCATION: All staff and customers will be informed of precautions that are to be taken whilst conducting training with Asset Training

CONDITIONS OF ENTRY: Customers are required to register using the COVID Safe Business Service NSW QR Code  that is at the entry door of Asset Training's classroom.

Physical Distancing

SOCIAL DISTANCING: Asset Training adheres to the NSW Government social distancing requirements for Education & Training providers in NSW. Please note social distancing requirements can alter at anytime, when and where COVID case numbers alter and government restrictions change.

Hygiene and Cleaning

SANITISER: Hand sanitiser should always be available for use in multiple locations throughout the training centre. Where onsite training is conducted it is the responsibility of the site to provide hand sanitiser for the students and training staff. If the site is unable to provide hand sanitiser Asset Training can provide hand sanitiser at a cost to the organisation that is receiving training.

DISINFECTANT WIPES: Disinfectant wipes are available to wipe down tables, keyboards, monitors, phones, and other varied training equipment. Onsite equipment provided by an organisation should provide their own disinfectant wipes.

BATHROOMS: All bathroom facilities should be stocked with ample hand soap and hand towels and should have posters with instructions on how to wash your hands.

FREQUENTLY USED SURFACES: Surfaces that are frequently used such as table tops, door handles should be frequently cleaned using a hospital grade disinfectant. Asset Training cleans its classroom surfaces after every training class. Cleaning staff will use gloves when undertaking classroom cleaning.

SDS: Safety Data Sheets for all disinfectant chemicals shall be located in an easily accessible location within the classroom.

Record Keeping

ENROLMENT FORMS: All students enrolling in an Asset Training course provide their details prior to any training as part of the enrolment process. These details are kept for up to 30 years and will form the investigative record should any COVID-19 cases be discovered within a time frame where an Asset Training course has been held. In such a case all student records will be provided to the appropriate Australian health authorities to assist with their investigations.

Please note: All enrolment forms are considered private and confidential and will only be disclosed within a 28-day time frame of a COVID incident where it is deemed necessary to contain a COVID event.

POSITIVE COVID-19 NOTIFICATION: Asset Training intends to cooperate with NSWHealth if contacted in relation to a positive case of COVID-19 at any training work place that was conducted by Asset Training, and will notify SafeWork NSW on 13 10 50.