Start Time
August 29, 2024
End Time
August 30, 2024
4 Coolah Rd Broadmeadow NSW 2290

Course Description

MSMSS00019 - Operate a Drain Cleaning System

MSMWJ305 - Operate a drain cleaning system

MSMWHS200 - Work safely

MSMPER200 - Work in accordance with an issued permit

MSMWHS110 - Follow emergency response procedures

Brief outline of training

The Operate a drain cleaning system certification covers training for personnel requiring a more in-depth knowledge of industrial drain cleaning operations, managing worksites, safe work practices and associated law, and emergency and rescue practices. This course provides a drain cleaning operator with the necessary knowledge to supervise a drain cleaning operation and be responsible for a crew of drain cleaning workers.

This course is delivered in accordance with the WSA 02 2014 Third Edition V3.1 Gravity Sewerage Code of Australia, AS24233.1 2013 Part 1 High Pressure Water Jetting Systems Safe Operation and Maintenance and SafeWork NSW – Guide for managing Risks from High Pressure Water Jetting and COP Work Near Underground Assets.

Who should attend this course

Industrial maintenance personnel who clean or intend to clean drains using industrial drain cleaning equipment.

Please note this is not a designated manager’s course however due to the dangerous nature of drain cleaning, the equipment knowledge, the worksite setup, the safe work practices and emergency practices covered by this course provide the qualifications necessary to supervise a drain cleaning operation.

Recognition of prior learning

Asset Training recognises accredited training by other Registered Training Organisations, work & life experience and previous training for the RPL process.

Applications for recognition of prior learning should be made via the online enrolment form.

Please note that those who have completed skill sets in High Pressure Water Jetting (MSMSS00003 and MSMSS00004) or Vac Loading (MSMSS00006) may only need to complete the unit MSMWJ305 Operate a drain cleaning system to acquire the full drain cleaning skill set MSMSS00019


Assessment will consist of some written activities with multiple answer question format plus, a practical assessment covering the use of equipment and a practical test in drain cleaning systems operation.

Important information

Due to the danger associated with Drain Cleaning, Asset Training highly recommends the nationally accredited skill set training MSMSS00019 Operate a drain cleaning system for operators (WORKERS) and persons responsible for the safe operation of equipment and personnel safety (SUPERVISORY).


Photo ID

Long pants and long sleeve shirt

Steel cap boots

PPE for Practical: Hard Hat, Safety Glasses or Goggles, Face shield, Hearing Protection, Water resistant Gloves. (PPE Packs available for $85 + GST)

All safety and Drain Cleaning course equipment is provided.


Brett Daly
Senior Training Co-Ordinator