To ensure your qualification remains current please complete your online refresher 2 weeks prior to your SOA refresher date.
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Operate a drain cleaning system - ONLINE REFRESHER

MSMWJ302 Operate a drain cleaning system

Duration: The "Operate a drain cleaning system refresher" training is a short course that is achievable in a day or two (2) and should take a student no longer than a week to complete however, keeping in mind it is a refresher that has a 2 year limit and as it is a self paced course an allowance of 2 months is given for students to complete all assigned tasks. Please note you will need to complete and submit all assigned tasks at least 2 weeks prior to your 2 year refresher date so a new Statement of Attainment can be issued in time. 

Course Outline: In alignment with AS 433.1-2013 High pressure water jetting systems - Section 7.4 on Refresher Training, Drain Cleaning operators are required to undergo verification of competency or refresher training at appropriate intervals not exceeding 2 years. The Online Drain Cleaning Refresher course utilises the MSMWJ302 Operate a drain cleaning system to assess the competency knowledge of the drain cleaning operator. The operator is then practically assessed through document and video submissions and if successful is re-certified as competent to their operator status. Please note: refresher training is required by industry however units of competency themselves do not expire unless they become superseded and significantly changed requiring updated training. The training provided by Asset Training refreshes the relevant drain cleaning unit of competency MSMWJ302 fulfilling the refresher requirement of the Australian Standard and the supporting units of competency from the skill set will be credit transferred.

Theory Assessment: There are 5 online quizzes, which are self-assessing and will notify a student of their results (pass or fail). Students are given 2 chances at each question however if a student is unsure of the answer there are a number of video lessons that a student can view prior to answering each question.

Practical Assessment: There are 2 types of practical assessment. There are a series of site safety documents that need to be completed and submitted (some of these may be work documents that can be completed on the job) and a number of videos showing the student carrying out practical tasks (that can also be done while on the job). These will also need to be uploaded and then assessed by Asset Training’s Assessor.

Requirements: IMPORTANT – Before a student can be accepted as an “Online Drain Cleaning Refresher Student” they will need to complete Asset Training’s online enrolment form and email copies of their "Operate a drain cleaning system" Statement of Attainment and photo ID (Drivers license, High Risk Work Licence, Passport, etc.) to


Todd Spencer
Trainer & Assessor

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